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Ch. 1. Introduction to Adaptive and Robust Active Vibration Control

Ch. 2. The Test Benches

Ch. 3. Active Vibration Control Systems — Model Representation

Ch. 4. Parameter Adaptation Algorithms

Ch. 5. Identification of the Active Vibration Control Systems — The Bases

Ch. 6. Identification of the Test Benches in Open-Loop Operation

Ch. 7. Digital Control Strategies for Active Vibration Control — The Bases

Ch. 8. Identification in Closed-Loop Operation

Ch. 9. Reduction of the Controller Complexity

Ch. 10. Active Damping

Ch. 11. Robust Controller Design for Feedback Attenuation of Narrow-Band Disturbances

Ch. 12. Direct Adaptive Feedback Attenuation of Narrow-Band Disturbances

Ch. 13. Adaptive Attenuation of Multiple Sparse Unknown and Time-varying Narrow-band Disturbances

Ch. 14. Design of Linear Feedforward Compensation of Broad-band Disturbances from Data

Ch. 15. Adaptive Feedforward Compensation of Disturbances

Ch. 16. Youla–Kučera Parametrized Adaptive Feedforward Compensators


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