Scilab, Matlab and C++ functions

Scilab functions
Matlab functions
C++ functions
Solve Bezout equation: P=AS0Hs+BR0Hr
Z transform: F(s) -> F(z) using zero order hold (ZOH)
Compute discrete time 2nd order from the natural frequancy and damping of a continuous time 2nd order
Compute natural frequency and damping of a continuous time 2nd order from the rise time and the overshoot
Solve predictor equation
Compute Nyquist plot
Compute a narrow band resonant filter (zeros/poles)
Design of digital controllers by pole placement with sensitivity shaping
Complexity estimation using least squares criterion
Complexity estimation using an instrumental variable
Non recursive least squares
Recursive least squares
Extended least squares(recursive)
Output error (recursive)
Output error with filtered observations
Output error with adaptive filtering of the observations
Output error with extended predicition model
Instrumental variable with auxiliary model
U-D factorized recursive least squares
Open loop model validation
Closed loop identification toolbox
Controller reduction toolbox
Pseudo random binary sequence generation
RST controller algorithm

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