Nicolas Marchand

Some useful packages and other things
  • LaTeXdiff: Perl script to automatically underline differences between two versions of a document. Simply run in the command line latexdiff draft.tex revision.tex > diff.tex. See here to see the result

  • Package scalefnt: Simply resizes the font and all spaces around. Very useful when your paper is a little bit too long
    Usage: simply put \usepackage{scalefnt} in preamble and add, right after the \begin{document}, \scalefont{x} where “x” is the scaling factor between 0 and 1.

  • Write gipsa-lab: Put \def\gipsa{{\usefont{T1}{cmbr}{m}{n} \selectfont \textbf{gipsa}-lab}} in preamble and write “gipsa-lab” with the command \gipsa{}

  • Package scrtime: to have the time (typically to tag versions)

  • Package catchfilebetweentags: To include only some part of a file. \ExecuteMetaData[file.tex]{tag} includes only the part of file.tex between the tags %<*tag> and %</tag>

  • Include video in LaTeX : use \usepackage{multimedia} in the preamble and then