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GIPSA-lab, Grenoble, France

2022 Jan: Aurélien Velleret begins his post-doc work about Epidemics on Finite and Infinite Networks
2021 Nov: Jerome Pacouret begins his post-doctoral work on algorithms and online media; details here
2021 Oct: Tommaso Toso begins his PhD work on "Online Routing Recommendations in Multimodal Transportation Networks" details here
2021 Sept: I organized (with Mirko Fiacchini) the yearly Grenoble Summer School of Automatic Control on the theme "Data and Learning for Control"
2021 Aug: Our paper The closed loop between opinion formation and personalised recommendations (with W.S. Rossi and J. W. Polderman) is to appear in IEEE Transactions on Control of Network Systems
2021 July: Starting as Associate Editor of IFAC's flagship journal Automatica
2021 Feb: Team DANCE is formally established as an INRIA research team
2021 Feb: Our paper "The Rhythms of the Night: increase in online night activity and emotional resilience during the Spring 2020 Covid-19 lockdown" is
2020 Fall: Our paper on Mitigating COVID-19 outbreaks in workplaces and schools by hybrid telecommuting is available
2019 June: We have posted on Arxiv a paper on Stability of Open Multi-Agent Systems and applications to Dynamic Consensus
2019 March: Our interdisciplinary project "DOOM: Systems-theory for the Disorders Of Online Media" will be supported by the CNRS 80|PRIME initiative that marks the 80 years of CNRS
2019 March: We have posted on Arxiv a paper on Functional target controllability of networks: structural properties and efficient algorithms
2018 Sep: Denis Nikitin begins his PhD on "Scalable large-scale control of network aggregates"
2018 July: Our project "HANDY: Hybrid And Networked Dynamical sYstems" will be supported by the ANR (National Science Foundation)
2018 June: I've become a Senior Member of the IEEE
2017 Nov: Our book ''Introduction to Averaging Dynamics over Networks" is available online!
2017 Feb: Starting as Associate Editor for the brand new IEEE Control Systems Letters (L-CSS)
2016 Dec: Nicolas Martin begins his PhD on "On-line partitioning algorithms for evolutionary scale-free networks"
2016 Oct: Started working at CNRS

If interested in internship/MS/PhD/post-doc work with me, feel free to contact me.

E-mail: paolo DOT frasca AT gipsa-lab DOT fr
Skype: paolo.frasca
Landline @ GIPSA (Mon, Wed, Thu): +33 (0)476826417
Landline @ Inria (Tue, Fri): +33 (0)476615299
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Keywords: Systems and control; networks; cyber-physical and cyber-social systems; non-smooth and hybrid systems; opinion dynamics; social networks; robotic teams; sensor networks; animal groups

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