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Voice production and perception

Voice production and perception


My research projects deal with physiological, phonetical, physical and perceptual characterization of human voice, and in particular singing voice.  I study glottal vibratory behaviour, the influence of supraglottal structures (ventricular folds, semi-occluded vocal tract with a straw), vocal-tract acoustical resonance tuning, and source-filter interactions. These research projects are based on  developing, improving and evaluating experimental methods for measuring physiological and physical phenomena involved in voice sound production (speech and singing). They are applied to the understanding of singing vocal techniques, and to exploring vocal effort in speech. 

Physiological, phonetical, physical and perceptual characterisation of voice production in speech and singing

1. Voice and Technology

improvement of existing tools, conception of new tools for measuring and analysing human voice

•    Vocal-tract input-impedance in phonation
•    Laryngeal endoscopie, high-speed cinematography, glottal edge detection
•    Electroglottography
•    Voice assessment

2. Voice and Music

Singing-voice characterization among styles and cultures around the world

•    Western lyrical singing
•    Non-classical singing (jazz, pop, rock, musicals, Beatbox)
•    Vocal cultures around the world (Sardinian Bassu singing, Bulgarian female singing)

3. Voice and Modelling

Source-filter interaction, pneumo-phono-resonantial adaptations

•    Resonance tuning and vocal-tract acoustics
•    Effect of acoustic load on glottal behavior
•    Ventricular folds
•    Management of subglottal pressure

4. Voice and Health

•    Vocal effort, vocal loading and fatigue
•    Speech-aid device
•    Vocal morbidity following cervical endocrine surgery
•    Communicational impact of tinnitus

5. Voice and Language

Phonetic learning of French as a Second Language

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