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GIPSA-lab, Grenoble, France

2019 June: We have posted on Arxiv a paper on Stability of Open Multi-Agent Systems and applications to Dynamic Consensus
2019 March: Our interdisciplinary project "DOOM: Systems-theory for the Disorders Of Online Media" will be supported by the CNRS 80|PRIME initiative that marks the 80 years of CNRS! a PhD position is now available! details here
2019 March: We have posted on Arxiv a paper on Functional target controllability of networks: structural properties and efficient algorithms
2018 Oct: We have posted on Arxiv a working paper about the closed loop between opinion formation and personalised recommendations (related slides)
2018 Sep: Denis Nikitin begins his PhD on "Scalable large-scale control of network aggregates"
2018 July: Our project "HANDY: Hybrid And Networked Dynamical sYstems" will be supported by the ANR (National Science Foundation)
2018 June: I've become a Senior Member of the IEEE
2017 Nov: Our book ''Introduction to Averaging Dynamics over Networks" is available online!
2017 Apr: Visiting Professor at the University of Cagliari
2017 Feb: Starting as Associate Editor for the brand new IEEE Control Systems Letters (L-CSS)
2016 Dec: Nicolas Martin begins his PhD on "On-line partitioning algorithms for evolutionary scale-free networks"
2016 Oct: Started working at CNRS

If interested in internship/MS/PhD/post-doc work with me, feel free to contact me. Openings are usually listed here. See also some internship topics

E-mail: paolo DOT frasca AT gipsa-lab DOT fr
Skype: paolo.frasca
Landline @ GIPSA (Mon, Wed, Thu): +33 (0)476826417
Landline @ Inria (Tue, Fri): +33 (0)476615299
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Keywords: Systems and control; networks; cyber-physical and cyber-social systems; non-smooth and hybrid systems; opinion dynamics; social networks; robotic teams; sensor networks; animal groups

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