Last update: May 18, 2012

7. Real Time Implementation

The real time implementation uses the Matlab xPC Target environment (2007). The PC for program development is a Dell Optiplex 760. The PC target (Dell) is equipped with I/O data acquisition, A/D and D/A converters.

The procedure will compile the algorithms directly from the Simulink scheme.

It is therefore strongly recommended that a test on a xPC target environment be done in order to be sure that compilation is complete.
One should check also the execution time which should be less than 1.25 ms.

For the real time experiments (data acquisition and controller evaluation) the participants should ask for a registration code.

The authors are advised to design and test their control scheme using the simulator because the number of experiments on the real system will be limited.

The real time experiments will be conducted by the GIPSA-Lab staff. Those who would like to participate to the experiments should contact the organizers.