Last update: August 10, 2013

9. Final Results

In this section the different results obtained by each participant, both in simulation and real-time will be presented along with a link to the web pages of each participant.

In order to have a better understanding about the results, a document explaining the different measurements taken into account it is also supplied.

Also a link to the special issue of the European Journal of Control is added.


Aranovskiy results

Aranovskiy Webpage

Callafon results

Callafon Webpage

Karimi results

Karimi Webpage

Wu results

Wu Webpage

Xu results

Xu Webpage

Airimitoaie results

Castellanos FIR results

Castellanos IIR results

EJC Results

Photo of the participants in the invited session at the ECC13 at Zurich, SSwitzerland
From the left to the right: Pr. Ioan-Doré Landau, Stanislav Aranovskiy, Xu Chen, Pr. Raymond A. de Callafon and Abraham Castellanos Silva.