I am Associate Professor since 2006 and my lectures are mainly addressed to students of engineering schools ENSE3 (Ense³, l'école d'ingénieurs de l’énergie, l'eau et l'environnement (grenoble-inp.fr)) and PHELMA (Grenoble INP-Phelma - école d’ingénieurs en physique, électronique, matériaux (grenoble-inp.fr)) of Grenoble INP. My lectures – courses and labworks – are related to the Digital signal processing, from basic notions to more advanced topics, like Signal representation and models, Image and Video Compression, Energy system diagnostic.

Independently of the level, my teaching approach is based on the practically-oriented presentation of the notions of digital signal processing (DSP):

From real-life applications, we start first by defining the problems where the signal processing comes to solve them
After the theory teaching, we go back to the applicative context and show how the different DSP notions come and solve the initially defined problems.

Of course, the labworks are defined in parallel with the theoretical courses and they bring to our students the experimental and practical skills in digital signal processing. My approach in terms of labworks organization consists in define them as project-oriented experimental works. For me, Learn-by-Doing is an essential step in our future student education and I contribute to this concept by defining both theoretical teaching and labworks from the Research projects I participate.

The applicative researches are concentrated around the surveillance of environments and of power infrastructures with contributions in terms of: AI systems for monitoring of hydro power systems (collaboration with EDF, General Electric), High Resolution Acoustic Imaging (collaboration with Thales, ITER Systems), Distributed Sensing of power distribution systems (collaboration with ENEDIS, EDF, Schneider,..),…

Publications related to teaching activities

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  • • More than ten teaching and labworks supports

The main lectures I teach are synthetically presented below: