• My strong conviction that drives my applied research activities is that the start-ups issued from multi-disciplinary research activities constitutes the fastest way to bring to the whole society the high benefits of collaborative research: economical growth, employment, international cooperation increasing, development at global level with respect of current humanity challenges such as environment protection. My philosophy in terms of start-up creation is synthesized by the next figure:
    and it is subject of one interview I gave in 2018 (in French): Témoignage de Cornel Ioana sur son expérience en valorisation - Grenoble INP
    • The entire interview is available here.


  • I am President/CEO and founder of ALTRANS company, created in November 2020. This company proposes innovant solutions for real-time and global monitoring of power networks. The company takes advantage of more than 10 years of research I developed with GIPSA-lab and SATT Linksium (Translocator project) and that conducted to two patents currently exploited by the start-up:
    • Cornel Ioana, « Procédé de localisation d’une source d’impulsions dans un milieu dispersif » . France, N° de brevet: G01R 31/08. 2015. 〈hal-01447613〉
    • Cornel Ioana, Ion Candel, “RODECIN – RObust DEtection of Cable INtegrity”, APP licence number: IDDN.FR.001.220020.000.S.P.2016.000.31235, 02 Mai 2016.
  • The details about the activity are available here.
  • Translocator project development are pictured in the following:

  • 2007-2012 – Theoretical research on Electrical transients and collaboration with EDF LME

    2012-2016 – Link with Arc Locator project on localization of electrical transient sources

    Participation to Power Expo, Shanghai, 2014

    Participation to forum 5I, Grenoble, 2016

    2016-2019- Maturation and Incubation with SATT Linksium – Protoype V1.0

    The ALTRANS adventure starts on November, 2020 !!!


  • I am co-founder of MOTHRYS company and scientific advisor, created in May 2018. This company proposes innovant solutions for surveillance of hydraulic systems in the presence of transient and highly turbulent regimes. The fundamental research works have been done in the Smart Hydro Monitoring project framework (2012-2016) as well as theoretical works on data driven analysis techniques (2014-2016), both of them conducting to the following patents exploited nowadays by MOTRHYS:
    • Cornel Ioana, Ion Candel, Teodor Petrut, “ABIUS: Adaptive Beamforming for Non-Instrusive Ultrasonic Sensors”, Version 1.0 du March 1st 2016. APP software number: IDDN.FR.001.130038.000.S.P.2016.000.31235.
    • Cornel Ioana, Cindy Bernard, “Logiciel MULPHADA - MULti-Lag PHAse Diagram Analysis’’, APP software number: IDDN FR 001.06.0002.000.S.P.2016.000.31235, January 28th 2016
  • The details about the activity are available here.
  • The milestones of the MOTRHYS project development are pictured in the following:

  • 2014-2018 – Theoretical research on Transient and Turbulent flows analysis using data driven signal representations

    2018-2020 – Development of the activities and first two recognitions

    Mothrys awarded by General Electric Renewable Energy « Open Innovation Journey » contest, 2019, Machine Learning and Algorithms section

    I-lab 2018 award for MOTRHYS project


  • I have participated, between 2009 and 2013, to the creation and development of CYBERIO start-up first as academic partner of CYBERIO’s founder , Didier MAUUARY and from 2011 to 2012 as a scientific advisor. CYBERIO aims to propose to the market distributed acoustic sensing configurations to monitor the aerial and aquatic environments, especially to survey the protected specials of animals.
  • During my collaboration with CYBERIO, one patented software of Grenoble INP/GIPSA-lab has been involved in different distributed sensing array proposed by CYBERIO:.
    • Cornel Ioana, “Time-Frequency-Phase Analyser”, APP software number: IDDN.FR.001.130007.000.S.P.2011.000.20900, 29 March 2011.
  • As in important fact, CYBERIO has been winner of OSEO contest, Emergent section in 2009. Please find below the paper presented to the 2nde european industrial ethernet award: Final_Draft_PLK_Award2010_GIPSALAB.pdf