Students Projects

In charge of Diploma Project internships of M2 SICOM students

Since 2008, Iā€™m in charge of diploma project organization of our students of to Master's Degree in Engineering Grenoble INP - Phelma, Signal and image processing, communication systems, multimedia (SICOM) - Grenoble INP - Phelma. My duty consists of defining, for each student, the diploma project framework, in terms of technical topic (in partnership with our industrial and research partners) and administrative issues (tutor/pedagogic referent assignment, defense organization, assistance during the internships). Annually, I am also pedagogic referent of more than 10 students.

Industrial projects

The project-oriented teaching is nowadays an important key of successfully teaching of our future engineers ā€“ Learn by Doing strategy. For this reason, the projects are part of teaching curricula and, since 2017, they are often organized in collaboration with industrial partners. The students are organized in group of 3-5 peoples and during one semester they work on a project proposed by industrial partners as a SME responding to their technical specifications.

My role is to be the technical and scientific referent of the students. In this position, since 2016, I was involved in many industrial projects as follows:

2020 : Multi-sensor acquisition system for pressure monitoring

In partnership with ARTELIA, Grenoble

2020: Positioning system of immerged objects

In partnership with ARTELIA, Grenoble

2020: IMTRANS ā€“ IoTs for monitoring of transient sources in power networks

In Collaboration with GIPSA-lab

TRANSLOCATOR project that conduct to the creation of ALTRANS start-up

2019 : Objects analysis using video magnification concept

In collaboration with General Electric

Illustration of thermic isolation quality (~air flow) using wavelet analysis-based video magnification

2018: Flow rate estimation using RFID systems

In collaboration with EDF DTG

Illustration of the RFID-based flow rate measurement, in the Hydro Signal platform

2018: Multimodal transient analysis

In collaboration with EDF DTG

2017: Multi-sensors system for erosive cavitation monitoring

In collaboration with EDF DTG

Experimental facility available at ISEE platform