The Technical Pole (TP) is directed by Christophe SAVARIAUX, Technical Director of GIPSA-lab. It includes about thirty people (permanent and fixed-term contracts) coming from our 3 tutelles : CNRS, G-INP and UGA.

The organization chart of the service could be find here (intranet acces).

The TP is divided into 4 services:
IT Service (Managed by C. Bulfone),
Mechatronics Service (Managed by R. Jaccaz),
Software  Service (Managed by A. Nègre),
Platforms Service (Managed by C. Vilain).

The TP ensures  missions of service, support and accompaniment to research and teaching.

For all requests (help in setting up a project, design, repairs, purchase of equipment, etc.) please contact either one of the 4 service managers or the technical director.

If you wish to contact all the members of the TP, please use the generic email

The TP meets every first Thursday of the month at 9:30 am.