Directeur Technique 70 % - Membre de CRISSP 30%

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I am a Research Engineer (CNRS) in scientific experimentation and instrumentation (BAP C) since 1998.
I am the Technical Director of Gipsa-lab and the Head of the Technical Department of the laboratory.
The Technical Department is composed of about thirty people coming from the different Companies (CNRS, UGA, G-INP). It is divided into 4 departments: Platforms, Software, Mechatronics and Computing.

I am also a member of the CRISSP team which conducts fundamental and applied research in the field of spoken communication and I am responsible for the BEDEI platform dedicated to the acquisition of multi-sensor speech data on humans.
As such, I work in collaboration with the teams of the Speech and Cognition Pôle (PPC) and I am involved in the projects of the research teams of this pole.

Moreover, I am a Prevention Assistant (AP) and I am trained as a first aid worker (SST) and I have BR and BS electrical authorization.

I offer training on the acquisition and processing of audiovisual data and on the use of Praat and Matlab software.

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