The IT Department has three main missions:

  • System and network infrastructure, and laboratory security
  • Local computing
  • The Information System

It currently has a staff of 7 people.

The services provided are shared at two levels:

  • At the level of the laboratory itself;
  • At the level of Grenoble-INP's geographical pole, in partnership with other structures (laboratories, schools).

More specifically, the IT Service manages :

  • The network infrastructure (patchbays, active equipment) ;
  • Infrastructure services (name service, directory, shared messaging, web, etc.), or business services (calculation servers, etc.), and associated servers;
  • Security (firewall and security policy);
  • User stations;
  • User support through a single technical assistance tool (helpdesk);
  • Shared storage space.
  • The development cycle of the applications and databases of the Information System

It also has a concerted purchasing policy for :

  • Uniform workstations;
  • Specific workstations, after discussion with the division manager, the platform manager and/or the team manager.

The follow-up of orders is done through the helpdesk tool.

On the technical side:

More than 1400 network outlets are distributed among the different premises that make up the laboratory. The computer park has more than 660 user stations, divided between Windows PCs, Linux PCs, and Apple MacOS X machines, as well as several dozen servers (infrastructure, calculation, and storage, offering capacities of several TB).